Church Life

Using our talents and spiritual gifts to serve the Body of Christ is one of the great privileges and joys of the Christian life. At UBC we have serval places and many different ways a person can serve.


•        Music - Each week we depend upon those with special abilities vocally and instrumentally to lead the congregation in songs of worship. 


•        Hospitality - In many ways, this ministry is at the heart of UBC. We count it a privilege to care for one another. We do special events throughout the year recognizing certain holidays and unique gatherings. We also seek to support the church body by helping with meals when there is an illness or emergency. On Sunday mornings, before the service begins we seek to set a pleasant atmosphere where people can make connections before our worship service with coffee, tea, and pastries. There are also opportunities to help beautify the church with decorating and cleaning. When it comes to hospitality there are many ways one’s skill and gifting can be used in this area. If you have an interest in serving in this way the person who can help you is our Pastoral Ministry Assistant Shelly Grivette.


•        Children’s Church - On Sunday mornings we recognize that it can be difficult for children to take in adult Bible lessons as offered in our morning service. To help bridge the gap for our little ones we offer Children’s Church to those who attend our Sunday morning services. There are different ways to serve in this area, such teaching or helping children with crafts that emphasize the Bible stories. Most of all to serving here requires a love for Children. If you have an interest in serving in Children’s Church please contact Shelly Grivette at the church office.


•        Special Projects - This is a fun area to serve in because there are a vast array of ways to apply one’s talents. At any given time we have both large remodel projects which take days or even weeks to complete and we have small projects that could take as little as an hour or two. If you have a talent for painting, carpentry, plumbing, landscaping, electrical work, etc. your service is needed and will be most appreciated.  


If you have a desire to serve or just want to let us know you are available to help in some way please contact us via phone or email.