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Sunday  September 19  THE TOUCH OF CHRIST

No one can read the Gospel story without being im- pressed with the marvelous power of Christ's touch. Wherever it was felt blessing came. We find ourselves sometimes mourning the loss of this touch, and wishing that we could feel it and get its benediction. But really we have not lost it. Christ has indeed passed out of our sight into the heavens, but his hand is stretched out still. It is laid just as of old upon sufferers, and has lost none of its power to comfort, to heal, to open blind eyes. Christ lays his hand upon our heads every time we bow at his feet in prayer. When we are in trouble he comes and comforts us with his warm touch of sympathy. When we are sick or in pain he is by our bed, and his hand is laid on our fevered brow to give rest and peace.

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This wonderful devotional was compiled in 1890 from sermons by Pastor J.R. Miller. It is living proof that God's Word stands for all eternity.

We hope it speaks to you as much as to those who read it over 130 years ago.