Bits of Pasture

Bits of Pasture

Sunday June 20                     “Whatsoever Things are Lovely”

We become truly beautiful just in the measure that we become like God. Human holiness is not always beautiful. There are men who are good, but not lovely. They have qualities that repel others. But true holiness is attractive. We ought to make our religion so beautiful that all who look upon us shall be drawn to our Master. We do dishonor to Christ when we profess to be His people, and yet show in our character, disposition and life things that are unlike Christ. How will men of the world know what true religion is fi you and I do not show them its beauty in our lives? We should seek not only whatsoever things are just and true and honest, but also whatsoever things are lovely.


Monday June 21                   Love for the Brethren

It is easy enough to love some people—people with tastes like ours, people who belong to our “set,” people who are particularly kind to us. But that is not the way Christ wants us to live and to love. True Christian fellowship takes in all the followers of our Lord, all who bear His name. We are to be known as disciples by our love for one another. It requires grace to love all Christians. We must have the love of God in our hearts before we can do it. We must be close to Christ before we can be close to each other. We must cultivate the thoughts and feelings of the brotherhood that is in Christ. The humblest believer is our brother, because his is a Christian. We are one in Christ.


Tuesday June 22                   Between Thee and Him Alone

Let us learn to seal our lips forever on the wretched miserable habit of telling the world about motes in our neighbor’s eye. Who made us a judge over him? Tell him his faults between thee and him alone. You can find chapter and verse for that. Tell in your heart, confessing your own to him meanwhile. Tell him his faults because you want to help him to bear to see a stain upon him, not because you want to humble him or gloat over him. Tell him his faults in secret if you are ready for such holy work; but do not, do not tell the world of his faults.


Wednesday June 23              Christ-likeness at Home

Keep the lamp of love shining day after day amid the multitude of home cares and home duties, amid the criticisms of home playfulness and thoughtlessness, amid the thousand little irritations and provocations of home-life which so tend to break peace and mar sweet temper. Let home love be of the kind that never fails. Wherever else, far away or near, you pour the bright beams of your Christian life; be sure you brighten the space close about you in your own home. No goodness and gentleness outside will atone for unlovingness and uncharitableness at home.


Thursday June 24                  Getting Ready for Temptation

We must all meet temptation, and the tempter comes so suddenly and so insidiously that if we cannot instantly repel his assault we shall be foiled. There is nothing like texts of Scripture to drive Satan away. We need to have our quiver full of these polished shafts, these invisible darts, and to keep them ever ready to draw out on a moment’s notice to hurl at our enemy. The only way to do this is to make the Word of God our daily study, storing in our memory its precious texts, its counsels, its promises, its warnings. Then we shall never be surprised, unprepared or defenseless, but for every temptation shall have a dart ready to draw out and hurl at our adversary with heavenly accuracy.


Friday June 25                      The Love of Christ

God puts something of Himself into every true human life. He helps and blesses us through our friendships, but these are meant only to help us up to Himself. Christ Jesus is the only man in whom we may have eternal trust. All other friendships are but fragments; His is the perfect friendship. Back of the sweet, gentle humanities in Him, which make it so easy for us to come to Him and repose in Him, is the might of the eternal God. When we come to this precious human love, for which our hearts crave and which seems so satisfying, we know that infinite divine fullness lies back of the tender warmth. The humanity comes very close to us, and it is for us to lay our heads upon its bosom. Then, when we lean on Him we are lifted up in the arms of Omnipotence.


Saturday June 26                  Whatsoever Thy Hand Finds

Find your work wherever Christ has put you. Do whatever He gives you to do. Strive to be full of Christ; then strive to be Christ to the souls about you that are lost and perishing or that are in need or in sorrow. Seek to make one little spot of this world brighter, better, purer. Christ has redeemed you and lifted you up, that you may encourage and lift up other souls about you. If your hand is only ready for service, you will always find work ready for your hand.

This wonderful devotional was compiled in 1890 from sermons by Pastor J.R. Miller. It is living proof that God's Word stands for all eternity.

We hope it speaks to you as much as to those who read it over 130 years ago.