A Thought or Two

Just a Thought or Two

 Father’s Day June 20


Celebrating My Father


What was your special word for your father when you were growing up? Pop, Pa, Dad, Sir, Papa, Daddy, Hey You (scratch that last one!). Was your father kind, attentive and fun-loving? Maybe he was aloof or somber, perhaps endlessly busy or unable to be present in your life. Some people carry lifelong scars and wounds from fathers who were cold, unloving, or worse. 


In our earth-bound existence, we tend to cast the image of our human father on to our Heavenly Father. What a false and distorted picture that creates! Certainly earthly fathers should strive to be representatives of a good God to their children, but even the best of men can only provide a mere glimpse. And whatever your father was like, our Heavenly Father is completely unique, the most perfect Father we could imagine. He is always full of love, always acting in our best interest; He will never abandon us, and in fact never takes His eyes off of us (Ps. 34:15). Amazingly, our Father allows us to come to Him at any time of day or night, in complete and unconditional acceptance!


When I finally grasped this forever-truth in my mind and let it sink down into my heart, my relationship with God began to change and deepen. Here it is: God is not like a father – He is a father. I am not like a daughter to Him – I am His daughter. If you know Christ as your savior and redeemer, then Almighty God, King and Ruler of All, Creator of Heaven and Earth is…your…father.


Now that’s something to celebrate!